RHV Capital is a private investment company that invests in privately held, lower middle market businesses.


RHV is based in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The company is managed by its Board of Directors, and the Board provides 80% of the investment capital. RHV’s lead investor is Vlasic Group, which is the investment company of the Vlasic family. Vlasic Group has been the family‚Äôs primary asset since it sold the Vlasic Food Company (Vlasic Pickles) in 1978 to Campbell Soup.


RHV holds its investments for the long term. Our philosophy is built around our operating company General Managers. Each General Manager owns a significant equity position in the company they manage. They operate as owner-managers, and they are focused on maximizing the long-term profitability of our enterprises.


We couple this owner-manager philosophy with a decentralized management strategy. Each of our companies operates independently, with managerial authority vested in its General Manager. We depend on our General Managers to be forever cost conscious and to recognize and exploit opportunities for revenue growth.